How to set things up so the world’s most interesting blog posts are sent direct to your computer … in less time than it takes to boil a kettle.

First up, visit our blog. The fact that you’re reading this suggests to me that you’ve done that already.

click on verbal identity's blog

Click on 'Blog', just under our logo.

Click on Blog.









clock on RSS feed to receive Verbal Identity's blog on verbal branding and creating brand strategy.

Click on RSS Feed, it's over to the right

Next, click on RSS Feeds, it’s next to the strange orange box over to the right.









If you're on a Mac

On a Mac? It opens like this


If you’re browsing the web using Safari, this is the next screen you’ll see – and you’ve now subscribed. Every new entry from Verbal Identity’s blog will be filed in your email, underxxxx






Subscribe to Verbal Identity's blog using RSS

If you're using Internet Explorer, you see something like this...


However, if you are browsing the web using Internet Explorer, then you see this screen. All you need to do is click on ‘Subscribe to this feed’, which is in the yellowed box. Then, you’ll see “Verbal Identity” added to the Feeds tab in the left hand bar (don’t worry if you don’t). Next time you open Outlook Mail, down to the bottom of the Folders you’ll see a Folder called RSS Feeds. Every new post from the world’s most interesting blogs gets sent here. And it should look like this:

RSS Feed Folder in Outlook

New blog entries are posted direct to the RSS Folder in Outlook.


Click on More to receive Verbal Identity blog feeds

Sign in to Google, click on More, then go down and click on 'Reader'


If you are using Chrome to browse the web, the process is slightly more complicated. If the kettle’s boiled, this bit takes as long as a cup of tea takes to stew.
You’ll need to have a Google account (if you use Gmail, you’ve already got one). Visit and sign in to your account.
Then click on ‘More’, go down and click on ‘Reader’.





Google Reader to receive the latest posts from Verbal Identity

Google Reader : you need to add a subscription to Verbal Identity's blog


The Google Reader screen should look like this (but without the subscriptions shown here in the main window).

The final step when you’re using Google Reader is to add a Subscription to your favourite blog (and let’s just assume, for my sake, it’s our blog) into the top left hand corner where it says, get this, Add Subscription.

But to do this, you need the URL address of the blog’s feed. For our blog, you need to add
After that, whenever you want to read a new blog post, just open Google, go to Reader and our latest wonderful thoughts on writing better copy, brand strategy and verbal branding in social media,  will be delivered straight to you.


Please please let me know if any of this doesn’t make sense. It’s taken me about 3 years to work out RSS Feeds and they are so useful, but it was never intuitive how I should set them up. If this post has a few slips or omissions in it, please let us know and I’ll update.

Speak soon,

Chris West