How Russian smart money beat Clinton big money


A gang of organised Russian trolls are accused of tilting last year’s U.S. Presidential election by spending money on Facebook ads. But do you know how much they spent?

The Clintons spent $89,000,000, according to Bloomberg’s Decrypted podcast, so the trolls must have spent more than that to win, don’t you think?

Of course not. They spent less. I’d guess, maybe they’d need half, say $40,000,000, to cut through.

It wasn’t that much.

It wasn’t a 1/10th that much.

It wasn’t even $1M.

It wasn’t even $100,000.

According to the evidence, it was $46,000.

Bad news for democracy.

Good news for any brand that is prepared to out-think and out-write, rather than out-spend.