How do CMOs become famous?

Most Innovative CMOs

Do you know who the most innovative CMOs in the world are today?

Business Insider claims it does, and it released a list last week to prove it.

There’s something that all those CMOs have in common and innovation isn’t about going omnichannel or creating a new skill for Alexa.

The most innovative thing that any CMO can do is reimagine the relationship between their brand and their customer.

Take a look at the guy at the top of the list: Marc Pritchard of P&G.

He’s not there because he launched an app on ARKit, or a filter on snapchat (and yes, he did launch a new skill for Alexa).

He’s there because he stood up at the beginning of the year and created a bold reimagining of the relationship between digital media owners, agencies and their customers, people like P & G.

But the world’s best ideas are worth nothing if you can’t plant them in the mind of someone else, nourished and ready to grow there, viable and ready to spread to someone else’s head.

What makes truly innovative CMOs stand out is their ability to communicate their idea.

No CMO list would be complete without Keith Weed, who has developed Unilever’s strategy from ‘Crafting brands for life’ into the 5Cs framework.

I don’t have to sit through a year’s worth of meetings to understand the 5Cs framework.

He can explain it in a couple of sentences.

We always say, language shapes thinking. When you craft the language, you craft the thinking.