Guest Blog – Georgie Wood on Cycling

Oh no. It’s Monday. Ten thousand things to do. Where to start? Try taking two minutes to read this beautiful guest blog from Georgina of Wood Wood Culture Club. Georgie’s not just a great writer, she’s a great cyclist too. And today, she explains how being one helps the other…

I went cycling in the Velodrome yesterday. I had to concentrate really hard, because I was riding really close to the rider in front. Close the gap, close the gap I heard the coach shouting. I stared down at the wheel in front of me so hard that it went blurry and I couldn’t really see it anymore. Then I stopped thinking about it.

I listened to the creaks of the wooden boards as we rode over them. Some were noisier than others. They tapped out a rhythm. The sound with the motion was hypnotic. Time stopped. Or started? And I rode and I rode without thought. Then the coach shouted for us to come off and the world appeared around me again.


Those moments are the best. They are like brain cleaners. They turn up with a brush-in-hand, have a good sweep, put stuff away, give the rug a shake, then leave quietly. Afterwards we find our thoughts are in good order and everything seems a bit different, better somehow.

I always promise to keep my brain tidy, but the world is so fascinating that I soon find ideas hanging over every chair and door. That’s ok though, because the cleaner comes twice a week and does a brilliant job of bringing me clarity and maintaining my sanity. Both of which I value dearly.

A good cleaner can lead you to remarkable things. Spread the word.

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Georgie Wood is the founder of Wood Wood Culture Club. Working nationally from their Manchester base, they use creativity with logic to provide brand insights and top notch copy. You can follow her on Twitter at @Georgiewoodwood