Google+ is round. Facebook is square.

The iPhone has been around for a while and the reason it’s allowed into every room of the house like a fifth member of the family isn’t because it’s so useful, it’s because it’s so intuitive.

And Google+ is going to do for your digital life what the iPhone did for your real life.


Despite the fact that I advise brands on verbal identity in the social media spaces, I confess: I never really ‘got’ Facebook. There’s something about its language that screamed “Intuitive” but only in a grannie- wearing-Jack-Wills way. And the language reflected the experience, which for me felt like playing Twister when very drunk.

Facebook’s “Wall”?   No one writes on a wall, do they? Maybe teenagers do, but no one I know. And if the name doesn’t work for you, you’re less likely to think the experience is relevant to you.

“Friends”? Sure, most of our life is made up of friends – until we leave University. Then we start work and we quickly have to learn, like Sir Thomas More in A Man for All Seasons, the distinction between being friends and being friendly.

Facebook’s layout, like its language, is square – the square being the man-made imposition of order onto nature’s luxuriant roundness.

Enter Google+.