Emotive behaviour needs emotive language

A guest blog from Scott Morrison.

“You called that one…WHAT?”

My designer friend was challenging me on the name of my masterclasses:  “You may alienate people if you call that one ‘Unleash your Creative Motherfucker.’”

“That’s the point,” I said. “If you don’t want to get back to your most visceral self then you’re probably not right for the work we do anyway.”

I don’t use language to shock – for effect, yes, but not for shock.

There’s a value to using the kind of emotive, awakening language that I do. In this case, I wanted to capture that feeling that we’ve all had when we’ve slayed a monster problem, smashed through the wall of writer’s block or conquered a fear-inducing brief – that feeling of unbridled, unrelenting empowerment that makes you feel like a totally awesome Creative Motherfucker.

And who doesn’t LOVE that feeling?

I do – and I’ve made it my mission to help 1 million other people feel, relive and thrive in it.








The Boom! is the name of my business; it’s based on the visceral, gut-feelings we encounter when we are at our creative best. It is where magic happens and because everyone’s been there before, they can go there again. Yet, too often, people are pigeon-holed (or even worse, they pigeon-hole themselves) as ‘not being creative’. They are told they’re not in a ‘creative’ job, their creative input isn’t needed or ‘let’s leave that to the Creatives’.

How sad that one of a human being’s most instinctive, visceral and powerful attributes is merely dismissed like any other learned skill. That’s why I want to help as many people as possible get rooted back into this homo-sapien-differentiating experience.

We do this via bespoke masterclasses, unlocking the creative power within organisations and people, changing the way they look at creativity and problem solving. We have collectively solved some huge gnarly problems right through to small changes in people’s daily routines that have had small but effective influences on their output.

I love nothing more than seeing someone’s pupils enlarge, goose-bumps liven up their skin and their mouth beam a beautiful smile as they rekindle the incredible creativity that has so long been latent within them.

Creativity defines us. It give us life and makes us feel alive in equal measure. Don’t let the fire die – keep it stoked. Unleash the Boom!

Scott’s ‘Boom!…Unleash your Creative Motherfucker’ is available now. You can also visit www.unleashtheboom.com if you want to reconnect with that feeling. Or you can email Chris, who shares a love of language and changing behaviour with Scott. Maybe 2 mofo’s are better than 1.


scott morrison

Scott Morrison