Don’t write cute.

Like they want to be your friend.

Like they want you to know just how much you’re going to like them.

Like, they’re in it because they love what they do and over time you’ll love them for it too and they’ll love you back and there’ll be just so, so much love in the room that everyone will be hugging each other without discrimination and there’ll be peace on Earth at last and everything.

Get real.

Clients aren’t in it for the love.

They have enough friends already.

They also have a boss. And share-holders.

And pride.

What they don’t have enough of are people that can do a good job for them.

People who have the creativity to come up with a compelling new idea.

People who have the experience to deliver it on time.

And the pride to deliver it on budget.

People who know the relationship depends on making sure they see their idea through as good as it was promised.

That’s the best way of getting liked: by being respected first.

You’d be a fool if you’d let a writer like me design a logo for you. Why are designers letting designers do the writing?

There are a hundred thousand different tones of voice, different styles of writing.

Pull 20 books off Waterstones’ shelf and write in the style of each one. See where you end up.

And if you still want cute, go home and get your tummy rubbed, you have worked awfully hard today.

Even better. If you want clients, hire a writer.