Common Sense in Text Analytics

We’re pleased to tell you all we’ve started working with MIT-spinoff company Luminoso on our latest project in text analytics for marketing – this time for a major fashion retailer.

We’ve worked with a lot of software providers – so we know who’s worth their salt. Luminoso are definitely worth their salt.

Luminoso’s approach to analysis gets around the problem of pragmatic information being lost when computers try to deal with human speech or writing.

It does this with reference to a “common sense database”. This keeps track of things everyone knows, but which never get mentioned explicitly. Things like “Wednesday comes before Thursday” or “tables are often made of wood”.

This mimics the way that humans manage language: a dynamic matrix, rather than a strict list.

It makes for an extremely powerful platform that can determine people are talking about “the Boston skyline” in hotel reviews. Even if the words “Boston” and “skyline” are never used.

We’re already seeing some very interesting results. Watch this space for more.

If you feel like discussing the relative merits of different text analytics providers, or if you’re interested in seeing what your customers are really saying about the things that matter – even if they’re not mentioning them – please email Chris.