Change a word. Disrupt. Engage.

I remember when I was a junior copywriter at Saatchi and Saatchi. Most of my day, week, month was taken up with briefs from British Airways.

Great opportunity? It doesn’t seem like it when the last brief you had was from British Airways. And the next ten will be as well.

And the new BA brief on your desk is a discount fares offer that simply says, “£99 to Paris.” Hardly inspiring.

My beautiful, witty, and extremely talented art director at the time (it’s okay, I can say these things, he only ever looks at pictures, so he’ll never get to hear what I truly think of him) was John Messum. He told me:

Everything is an opportunity.

He was right.

The ad we did for that dull uninspiring discount fare brief went on to win half a dozen Campaign Press Award Silvers, a D & AD Silver nomination, a Creative Circle Gold (I think! I never really ‘did’ awards).

Walking along the road today, I saw 30 shops, none of them had escaped the  “Retail’s so boring in a recession” mentality. None of them, except for Jack Wills, who had made a small change to the normal retail copy on the window, disrupted my thoughts and created a little bit of interest.

It’s not going to change the world, it probably won’t win a slew of awards, but hey, it made me want to show it to you.

Everything is an opportunity.