Chandon: How to define UK-centric values for a global wine brand

Chandon logo

Mary Rochester-Gearing, Marketing Manager at Chandon, needed shoppers to walk past the Prosecco, and pay a little extra for Chandon, a brand of sparkling wine recently launched in the UK.

She pointed out two big challenges: first, the brand was a sub-brand of a more famous Champagne House; and second, the brand owners had already defined global values but these weren’t all directly right for the UK market.

How to translate a brand’s values

Time – and to a certain extent, budget – were also a constraint. Mary needed to create and launch a marketing campaign for the next 12 months in a short amount of time.

We created and ran a 1-day, ‘Wash ‘n’ Go workshop’ for Mary and her team, to help them understand the brand’s values, adapt them for the UK, and build ready-to-go marketing ideas. We injected a sense of urgency and focus by ‘locking the door’ until practical solutions had also been developed.


One of the workshop activities used Jungian Archetypes as a starting point, to generate fresh ideas. With thanks to the great workshop facilitator Sarah Cowell-Thomas.

From Buenos Aires to Brixton

As a follow-on to the workshop, we carried out a linguistic analysis of Chandon’s brand. What was important was that although the brand was owned by a famous French Champagne House, the vines and the heart of the brand are all in Buenos Aires. We used this provenance story to position the brand against Prosecco and its more expensive competitors, to give it a distinct (and therefore valued) position in the market. Once we had this positioning, we were able to build a unique lexicon for Chandon, that would work in all parts of Britain.

We took what people created during the workshop, and combined it with our independent research to produce brand guidelines specifically for the UK team.

We also wrote key lines and hero copy for the brand, based on this new understanding, to lead their comms.

Better than we can say it

Mary presented the work back to the toughest possible critics: the international team who had shepherded the brand so successfully in other territories. We’re glad to say, they were delighted.