“You can’t set that to music.”

The difference between good writing and great writing isn’t what you put down on the page.

It’s what gets laid down in your reader’s head.

I heard a great expression to describe this last night on the Channel 4 news.

Peter Hennessy listened to Ed Milliband’s culpa speech to the ‘ordinary people’ in Thurrock and he said,

“You can’t set that to music.”

This is more than metaphor.

People remember a rhythm more easily than a collection of words.

Ed comes from a life of writing reports and heavy-duty policy analysis.

And that kind of stuff just can’t carry its on weight on a flight through the air.

If you want to create a great verbal identity for a brand, any time you write a piece of copy, read it aloud. Even if it’s only ever going to be read, it’s going to sound in the reader’s head.

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