Basil Vs Sybil.

The next time you hear a hotel speak, in the IVR or the brand’s other spoken touch points, the voice is most likely to be female and middle-aged. (source here).

A female voice connotes warmth and caring. Exactly what you want from a hotel’s verbal identity.

But that can all be rapidly undone when the tone of voice of the written copy is that of a 26-year old bloke.

Suddenly, the brand is in a fight with itself.

Judgements of a masculine or feminine tone of voice aren’t subjective. Professor James Pennebaker of UT Austin has shown it’s possible to measure the gender bias of a piece of copy.

Which means, of course, you can also fine tune your different brand channels to make sure you avoid a confusing, or cross-dressing, verbal identity.

If you’d like to hear more, email Chris and we’ll show you how to measure masculinity and femininity in copy and how to tune your coy and verbal identity to match the “gender” of what’s being said elsewhere.