Is Android Really Just A Fussy Old Aunt?

Does Google Android have a problem with you and me talking dirty?

There’s a list of 1400 words which Aunty Android ‘forgot’ to include in its predictive text database, and their subject matter reveals a quaint view of the world.

Feeling sexy? Android sniffs and looks away, leaving you to type out in full words such as “screwing”, “coitus”, and “intercourse” when you’re making the beast with two fingers.

“Panty” is also on the list – presumably because Google doesn’t like an incorrect singular. Especially such a lewd one.

The New York Post alerted us to the fact that if you start to type “condom”, it helpfully suggests “condition”.

But we also spotted that the spinster-aunt mentality extends into next-word prediction too – if you type “coffee”, GA suggests a likely word to follow it is “morning”.

And then it gets baffling. “Geek” and “Chromebook” are also on The List. We can understand “geek” – it used to be an appalling, discriminatory slur. Especially to people who are now Google employees.

But “Chromebook”? The new device they just spent several million developing and promoting?

Google, are you having a touch of the vapours?

Special thanks to Daniel Johnson (@yojohnson) for pointing us in the direction of the original article.

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