A Beautiful Constraint

Whenever Adam Morgan of EatBigFish publishes a new book, we clear our diaries to read it.

His new book promises to be as annoyingly smart and delightfully practical as everything else he’s written.

ABC Cover Portrait
This time, Adam’s looking at how some of the most successful brand teams in the world acknowledged their limitations of time, money, attention or know-how, and then used those limitations to create something that exceeded what their better-endowed rivals produced.

When life gives you lemons, brew alcopops, and all that.

We look forward to the book’s UK release.

Until then, a little story from my time writing ads at Leagas-Delaney.
We produced the advertising for the Guardian, adidas (North America, Europe, bits of the Middle East), Hyundai, Porsche, Yellow Pages, Patek Philippe, and many more world-famous brands, despite having only 5 teams in the department.

One evening at about 9pm, as you do when you need a break, I wandered into the next door team’s office and asked that age old question, “What are you working on?”

“It’s an urgent brief, for tomorrow morning. We’ve just got it.” the writer said.

None of that was unusual, frankly.

So I asked, “Yeah, what’s it for?”

The writer replied, “It’s a brief from the UN, to cure world hunger.”