100,000 customers are talking to your brand. But how can you hear what they’re saying?

Today, customers are talking to you everywhere, all the time. In call centres, in customer surveys, and in the constantly buzzing cloud of Tweets.

80% of this feedback is in language, not numbers.

Good news:

People’s choice of language reveals their deepest thoughts.

And can give you the deepest insights.

The problem is that it’s difficult for customer experience teams to process all this feedback fast enough.

But text analytics can.

customer experience scoreboards

Examples of some of our customer experience scoreboards

Text analytics can spot themes (not just words) in your customer data.

It does it at scale.

And fast.

Very fast.

There are three reasons for this.

Firstly, computers can process text far quicker than any human being. With enough processing power, any amount of information can be read almost instantly.

Secondly, smart text analytics filters the information. It tells you the story you need to hear, and leaves out the unnecessary stuff.

Thirdly, text analytics can condense language into numbers, and numbers into graphs. And some people find it easier to read graphs.

In the last year, we’ve helped the Customer Experience teams of a Big4 UK supermarket, a major UK house builder and a global online clothing retailer all use text analytics to make valuable changes to what they’re doing.

If you’re drowning in customer feedback, and it’s not helping your company grow, then please email Chris. We like to listen.